SunCafe On A Sunny Day 🥑

Since I became a vegetarian, it’s been no easy task establishing a solidified diet. But with the help of my friends on the same train, we’ve really been encouraging each other with healthy tips on meals and suggestions on great places to eat in LA. With that said, we came across a really nice little vegan spot in Studio City called, SunCafe Organic.

With it’s 4.5 ⭐️ rating on Yelp, we figured this was the place we had to try.

The ambience is perfect for an afternoon luncheon or a light evening dinner. With their rustic theme, they have the option of their indoor dining that has a bar as well, or the patio. Outside they have a really nice little fire place that can make it an intimate setting as well.

As it’s been a personal preference to change my diet, I couldn’t be more excited to explore their organic menu of the healthiest and tastiest looking descriptions of my favorite things. Let it be known, I did this while sipping a most delicious strawberry Kombucha mimosa. Kombucha is a sweetened fermented black or green tea, that has many healthy benefits supporting immunity, detoxification, and digestion.

We ordered the Avocado Toast which I assure you, is the creamiest perfect texture of avocado sprinkled with red pepper flakes, and garnished with radishes and cherry tomatoes.


For my entrée, I ordered the Portobello Sandwich, with a side of their kale salad. On a whole wheat bun, it consisted of portobello mushroom, avocado, tomatoes, arugula, cashew cheese, and their ‘special sauce’ that was so good!


I honestly can’t wait to go back to try the rest of their menu, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did!


xo, Melody Khan 🥂

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