Spanish Stylin’


The weather in Mexico during my stay was absolutely tropical 🌴. The warmth + the sporadic rain, my outfit game was all over the place! But these pair of Forever 21 denim shorts came through for several get ups. I paired them with the yellow top in my previous post. Here I was able to go for a bit of a dark techno vibe for the first night in Playa. I saw Marco Carola that particular night, ahhhh it was so much fun! My next post will show you my final paired look I was able to pull off until I had to start wearing leggings and a sweater for warmth!


The Spanish style beach-side hotel we stayed at played the perfect background for my photos. We stayed at Hotel Colibri Beach, which was so awesome! We got the relaxing sandy beach vibes but we still got the party 24/7 as we could hear the techno music bouncing off every wave of the ocean. The beach side bar became our favorite spot for our margarita pre-games 😄 and I can’t forget to mention the peaceful hammock that was in our patio. Oh, the serenity. 💜💆


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Denim Shorts – Forever 21

Top – Urban Outfitters

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